Oral History


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As this project is mainly concerned with constructing a social history of Port Talbot’s steel industry,  oral testimonies will be central to this study’s success. I am therefore looking to speak to anyone who worked within the Port Talbot steel industry at any time during the period 1951 – 1988. As this project intends to reflect a broad range of experiences within the steel industry, I am interesting in speaking with people who worked in any of the many departments of the Port Talbot, Margam and Abbey plants; from blastfurnacemen and coke oven workers to office and canteen staff. It does not matter whether you worked at the plant your entire life or for one summer during your school days, your reflections and insights would be greatly appreciated. 

Being an Interviewee
Interviews will most likely last between 1 – 2 hours and will include questions on a number of topics; including your upbringing, home life, work experiences, trade union involvement, social and leisure pursuits and your career in the steel industry. Any answers you give are entirely at your discretion and you naturally do not need to disclose any information you would rather keep private. The interviews can be conducted at your home, if this is most convenient, or another venue, such as Swansea University, can also be arranged. Once the interview is completed it will form an integral part of my PhD thesis which is due for completion in 2015/2016. After the completion of my PhD thesis, it is intended that these interviews will be deposited in a local archive and preserved for future generations of researchers looking to learn more about Port Talbot’s history and its steel industry; however, this is entirely at your discretion. Interviews can also be anonymised for the purposes of my study should you wish to remain unidentified.

If you would like to become an interviewee, or have any further queries or reservations, please do not hesitate to contact me via the details provided below. Thank you for your time and I hopefully look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

E-mail: bleddyn.penny@gmail.com

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